I offer a unique, full, pre-11+ and general Key Stage 2 Maths and English Teacher Assessment Service, for pupils in years 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6.  This independent, comprehensive assessment is an ideal way of gaining a full, professional teacher assessment of your child’s abilities and progress in the core subjects of English and Maths.  This may be useful for indications of 11+ potential, Year 6 SATs potential ability, and more generally, as an informed way of gauging just where your child is currently in terms of their primary English and Maths skills and knowledge. 


This highly-specific, detailed assessment information can then be passed to other tutors (or to me, if I am to tutor your child in the near future), or used by parents, in order to focus immediately on those areas of weakness within a child’s capabilities, rather than spending months working through the whole curriculum for Maths, and equally for 11+ English, looking for gaps. Cost: £300 - see below for further information. 

I am happy to advise on resources which can be used at home to boost a child's progress, following an assessment. 


Maths assessment

Depending on the reason for your assessment, I would set an appropriate assessment task: for example, if you are considering 7+, 11+ or 13+ exams in the future or near-future, I would use a selection of excellent and highly-regarded, age-appropriate, entrance exam-geared Maths assessment tasks with which to assess your child.  If, instead, you are wishing your child to be assessed more generally, to see how they are progressing in their primary education in relation to their English and Maths, I would use more generalised Maths assessment tasks appropriate to their age group. 

The Maths assessment generally consists of:


(a)  A non-timed, global test, appropriate to the year group, covering all 7 National Curriculum/National Numeracy Strategy assessment areas, at the appropriate age level: number, fractions, calculations, measures, shape, handling data and mental calculations.  These 7 National Curriculum assessment areas are also those tested in entrance exams as well as in SATs exams. 



(b) A timed, formal, Maths practice test, appropriate for future exams, eg 7+, 11+ or SATs.  This timed test will give a clear indication as to your child’s ability to complete an age-appropriate Maths test in timed conditions, which will be very useful vis-a-vis future 7+, 11+ or SATs exams.  


English assessment


This consists of two parts, a comprehension assessment, one of the key skills for SATs and 7+, 11+ and 13+ English exams and secondary school English lessons and exams, and an assessment of extended writing, extended writing being the other key skill assessed in both 7+, 11+ and SATs exams and beyond.  I would then mark both the comprehension and the composition, analysing both in very exacting detail, in relation to a full set of comprehension and writing criteria appropriate to the year group in question.  I would then provide you with both written and verbal feedback on each.


(a)  A comprehension assessment: this consists of a formal, comprehension practice test. Depending on the purpose for your assessment, this assessment would be geared to the age of your child and the exams they will be sitting in the future, eg SATs, 7+ or 11+ exams. 


(b) Composition: the writing task consists usually of planning and writing a story, to set guidelines, in timed conditions, or writing the next scene of the comprehension passage.  This task will then allow me to assess your child’s writing in terms of content, style, punctuation and grammar and is an ideal way of checking their writing ability across a wide number of assessment criteria.